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Our tag line “Together we win” stands for winning holistically in life. Winning here refers to the development of character, honesty, sportsmanship, team spirit and discipline – an overall development of an individual personality.

In today’s world we have become so result-oriented with sports. This has created an environment that is not ideal for long term development of a sports person.

Playing for a purpose other than winning is incredibly powerful as it takes the focus away from just short-term goals and places it on things that serve them in the long-run. 

Students develop their character & personality and learn values & principles through sports.

We at UWSM, focus on the purpose of sports playing much greater than just winning. We target our goals and not just a match win. This vision & strategy helps us nurture talent and grow onwards & upwards together.

We focus on 3Ds of life i.e. Dedication, Discipline & Devotion in sports to make them a winner. To become a winner these 3Ds of sports are required every day. Intrinsic motivation with passion for sports and the will to win is required, which we inculcate in our students/participants through our programs.

UWSM works for development and promotion of sports in Singapore and other countries as well. We specialize in providing services to professional and budding sportsperson, but our services are not just limited to one section of the society; we also deliver our services to a wider community. We cover a wide range of society’s population i.e. from kids right up to older ones. We cover every aspect of sports management and deliver services on each category of this field. We are a team of professionals who work together under one roof. We provide sports coaching service, organize sports events & tours; and also act as sports agents.

We believe in unity in diversity.  Our motto is to bring communities together through sports and bridging the cultural gaps. In our events & programs, participants & students from different cultures & background come together on a single platform of sports which not only help in their personal development but also benefit the community as a whole.

United is not only the name for us but it is the unifying and underlying theme we strongly believe and stand by.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy winning with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again! Check us out every once in a while for new updates. There’s much more to come! Stay tuned!

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