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As a step towards developing our communities, we do this through sports and by giving the community lifelong happy & healthy experiences. UWSM uses the community sports facilities or community parks for sports development. We send our coaches to these facilities to conduct the coaching sessions at special rates. 

Under our community development program, we also offer various services to the general public and elderly of the society. Today, sedentary lifestyle is one of the major causes of life threatening diseases like diabetes, cardiac arrest, high blood pressure and other cardio vascular diseases. General working population and elderly, due to physical inactivity, are more prone to these diseases. We design special fitness and exercise program for them to help overcome these threats. We promote physical activity at every stage. We also provide personal diet plans and counseling for them. Our new concept of wellness not only improves their health but also bring a sense of happiness in them. We also organize health programs especially for busy working professionals as well. 

We conduct talks, conferences and workshops related to health, physical education and Sports Sciences at various venues in the community.

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