We do not only conduct the regular training programs during school term time but also specialized and non- specialized sports camps during the holidays which includes multi-sports camps too. Therefore, if any child wants to try new sport, learn new skills and make new friends then UWSM is the best place for them. Later, he/she can join our coaching program if the child develops his/her interest towards it.

As some children prefer learning more about specialized sport then we conduct specialized coaching clinics for them. For example, cricket camp or specificaimage15lly bowling camp in cricket.

We conduct the sports camps at our main venues and major schools venues but if you have group of kids and your own venue, please let us know and we can send our coaches and equipment to conduct the camp


UWSM Specialised Cricket & Multi Sports Summer Camps (May – July 2021) – Online & In-person On-site



*Camps will be conducted with all the safe management measures and current government guidelines and our training guidelines of covid -19.

Register for the camp👇 
https://forms.gle/YNpuqWgR73yWGsVq5  (Register for online Multi Sports May & June 2021 Summer Camps)
https://forms.gle/bFypzg8R6SHQfpv58 (Register for online Specialised Summer Cricket Camps June 2021)
https://forms.gle/aGSaYxVjpihUofgE6 (Multi Sports Summer Camps June & July 2021)
https://forms.gle/ZUMP4o6FusssRdht7 (June & July 2021 Specialised Summer Cricket Camps)
10% group discount available if players come in the group of minimum 4.
Some pictures of our previous camp can be found here –