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UWSM also organizes various sports events at the Corporate, school, and state, national & international level. The best of the facilities are provided to the players at every step which helps in their overall development, improvement of leadership qualities and also serve as platforms to kick start their sports career. Sports tournaments not only enhance their skills but also help them build healthy relations through cultural programs. 

We provide everything which is essential to organize a sport event i.e. from ground facilities to refreshments. After each tournament, award ceremonies will be held where good performances will be recognized. We can organize events at your venues also otherwise our picturesque venues can be booked. We also conduct our own junior & adult’s cricket league. 

Objectives of Events & Tournaments:

  • To provide opportunities to the participants to develop their all-rounded personality
  • To provide opportunities to the participants to develop & showcase their skills through various activities
  • To provide participants with a fun environment and to develop fellowship participation in sports competitions, leadership and followership qualities
  • To provide opportunities to participants to release stress, depression & aggression and to provide a feeling of achievement through sports participation, all of which are conducive to mental & emotional health
  • To provide opportunities to the players of the various teams to have exposure to the competition
  • To provide opportunities to the teams competing for socialization

LMS Singapore Seniors & Juniors Season 11
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